How to Keep Employees Safe During the Summer

Sep 22 2020

It’s true that risks exist all year long but the summer weather brings more dangers to us that we must protect ourselves against. As a business owner, protecting employees against these threats is especially important. It reduces the spread of viruses and stops illnesses, which ensures everyone is on the clock working when they should. A few simple tips that can help keep employees safe all summer long:

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·    Practice Social Distancing: We live in a new norm given the COVID-19 pandemic. Practice social distancing at your place of business. Enforce a face mask rule. Make hand sanitizer easily available. Protecting everyone against this pandemic ensures that we’re all in this together, safely.

·    Proper Training: Although not a summer-only tip, it is more important than ever to ensure that employees are properly trained to perform the duties they’ve been hired to perform. OSHA safety training and other training helps reduce accidents and keeps everyone safe and secure.

·    Janitorial Service: A dirty, unkempt facility leaves a bad impression in the eyes of customers and employees. It increases the risk of pest infestation and makes everyone uncomfortable. Keep the facility clean with the help of professional cleaners.

·    Pest Control: Don’t forget pest control. The summer time brings out pests that you won’t see during the winter. This includes termites, mosquitoes and ticks. Arrange commercial tick control westerly and other services to prevent the devastation that pests create.

·    Breaks: Heat exhaustion occurs frequently in businesses without air conditioning. Ensure employees who work in extreme heat receive regular breaks and hydration. Use fans or other cooling sources when and where possible.

A few extra steps during the summer protects employees and your business. The tips above are a few of the many ways to keep your company in good standing and everyone safe.